Lightbox slide closes to a different slide

Nov 08, 2012

I am creating a scenario in Storyline that utilizes a lightbox slide. I would like when the lightbox slide closes that different slide appears. Is this doable?

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Mike Enders

Good call Steve.

I think the July conversation revolved around wanting to use the little red x close button....which necessitated the wonky approach.  But Lynne, if you have the real estate to use Steve's approach, it's certainly much more elegant and would look smoother.  The only catch is that if the learner clicks on the little red X box, they'll wind back up on the original slide.


Geert De Rycke

Hi Steve,

Indeed elegant, I didn't know that when a lightbox closed, the triggers after the close where still fired!

Lynne will have to foresee a kind of navigation on here lightbox, as closing the lightbox with the red cross in to top right corner will navigate her back to the slide from which the lightbox was opened.

Thanks for the info


Steve Flowers

You can create your own lightboxes on the master slide as well. A new layer automatically jumps to the top of the slide stack. Calling these is a little bit tricky. You have to use a variable to "transmit the message" between the base and master slides with a listener trigger (When variable changes) to "catch the message".

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