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Aug 17, 2016



Looking for some help here. I'm using the Exit on the player (trying to stick to the player rather than buttons) which is triggered to go to a lightbox slide which asks the user if they are sure they want to exit. On the lightbox, they click a button which triggers an exit for the course and closes the lightbox. It seems to work ok when I publish for the web, but when I publish the same file for the LMS and we run the html file to test it, we get a different result. The lightbox closes but the course does not close.


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Natasha Bomba

HI. So I'm at my end of trying to understand why this won't work. We've tested it with all the various suggestions for the LMS from that article. We've tested it with the various triggers in different orders. We've tested it with a slide vs. a lightbox .Either the lightbox will close when the button is clicked or the course will close but not the lightbox (lightbox is open when user returns to the course). I also can't understand why the lightbox would be open on return if the slide is set to reset to initial state.

All I want on the exit button trigger is two things--close the lightbox then close the course. Why is it so complicated? We just need a message saying "are you sure you want to close" to come up--but when user resumes, they don't resume on that message, they resume on their last slide. Please help.

Brian Allen

Natasha, similar conversation going on here - https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/scorm-1-2-html-5-compliant

The Exit button trigger is dependent on the browser and unfortunately it doesn't work well in all of them.

I can't say for sure, but my guess on the resume issue is that you may be running into default functionality... I believe most people want the course to resume on the last slide visited.

Natasha Bomba

Thanks Brian.

It's the last slide visited (which works) but with the lightbox closed (lightbox has the exit warning message). My LMS folks are picky and they want this to function the same way Lectora does.

I've tried with an additonal layer on the lightbox that triggers when the user clicks the exit button. The layer and course should close once the timeline starts. So--base lightbox layer--click exit button, show exit layer and close lightbox. Exit layer trigger close course.

Maybe the close lightbox needs to be on the exit layer?

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