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Jul 05, 2021


I'm having a problem with the exit course button on my storyline 360 course. 

I've put a tab on the player which directs the user to a lightbox slide with the exit course button on it.

My problem is that when the user restarts the course, they are redirected to the lightbox slide which has the exit button on, not the slide they were looking at when they clicked on the exit course tab on the player.

Any ideas what I can do to direct the user back to the slide they were looking at when they clicked the tab on the player, rather than having to click the the lightbox slide?

Thanks in advance!


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Margaret Reeve

Hi Phil,

I've tried your suggestion and it works well, however, I really would like this to happen:

The user wants to leave the course before the end. They use the exit course tab which I've added to the player
This directs them to a lightbox slide which reassures them that they're leaving the course but can rejoin later where they left off
When they rejoin, they currently go back to this lightbox slide with this original message about leaving
What I'd like to happen is they see a new layer or state on this lightbox slide, telling them thanks for rejoining and if they close this layer they can restart where they left off
Is this possible? Is it possible to set a variable to change the state of this lightbox slide or change to a new layer when the user rejoins the course?

The best I can come up with at the moment is get rid of the tab on the player which takes them to the lightbox slide and instead insert an exit button on every slide with a hover state that give the reassuring message that they can rejoin where they left off, if they press this button.

What do other people do with regards to users leaving the course prematurely?

Thanks again for your help.