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we're facing a (new) problem with navigation in lightbox . When lightbox is opend with "Use Navigation controls" marked in the trigger the first slide opens well, but when moving to the next slide - by using next button - the view changes to normal. So the jump back to the initial slide from where we started the lightbox does not work any longer. I've tested three various browser. I've tested the feature in a new little blank project (see attachement) and the result is the same. Even in preview.

Additional information: In (first) lightboxed slide the page number (is shown on every slide in the project) of the initial slide remains in the lightboxed slide.

Any idea?

Best regards


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Ren Gomez

Hi Heinz,

Thanks for sharing those images of what you're experiencing! In terms of using Lightbox Navigation, the best use of that feature would be to include all the slides that need to be light boxed within a scene. This article below shares more details on that!

  • All About Lightboxes
    If you’d like a series of slides to be lightboxed (e.g., for a media gallery), you’ll find it’s easier to place those slides into their own scene. That way you can simply select the first slide in that scene from the Slide drop-down and check the Navigation Controls box to allow learners to move forward and backward within that scene of lightboxed slides.