Lightboxes, notes and email. Paperless and efficient!

Hi all,

We’ve been using Storyline for about a month now.

I must admit it has changed the way I look at developing eLearning content.

Something that has always bothered me is that I always need to have a piece of paper next tom me to write my notes on. As a former programmer my desk is always in disarray so I never find that piece of paper back.

So to circumvent me having to look for something that will never be found again, I thought of following solution.

I’ve create lightbox slide which I added to the player tabs. It allows me to enter comments as I go along in the course. When I’m finished I can the send an e-mail to me with the content of the notes copied in the body of the mail. Paperless and efficient!

How It works

1.       declare a global variable called “notes

2.       declare a global variable called “email

3.       create a slide

4.       add a control allowing you to edit the content of the notes variable (via an input field)

5.       add a control allowing you to edit the content of the email variable (via an input field)

6.       foresee an email button on the slide

add a trigger to the mail button  that executes the following javascript

var player = GetPlayer();

var email=player.GetVar("email");

var subject="My notes";

var body_start=player.GetVar("notes");

var mailto_link='mailto:'+email+'?subject='+subject+'&body='+escape(body_start);,'emailWin');

7.       add a tab player taband call it e.g. “notes in the player properties

8.       configure the tab that it lauches your new slide as a light box

9.       publish your course (preview doesn’t allow javascript to be executed)

10.    whenever you want to add a comments click on the player “notes”-tab



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Geert De Rycke

Hi Matthew,

It's difficult to see what could be wrong...

In many cases when using javaScript the problems are syntax related. JavaScript is Case sensitive so...

When there's an error in the code, SL will not report on it. The code will fail and nothing will be executed, no errormessages will be shown...

For this I've attached the SL source file, which I tried and works

Hope it Helps