Likert Scale not reporting to LMS in update verison

Nov 26, 2014


I am using - Articulate Storyline Update 7 - Build 1410.2419 (10/24/2014)

but my Likert scale isn't reporting back to the LMS?



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Todd Chang

Hi Emily.

I'm also having the same issue following Update 8.  I use Articulate Storyline 1, and Moodle 2.6.

In the Moodle platform, the uploaded *.zip file using Articulate Storyline works well, but has this output for the Likert question: Scene1_Slide11_LikertScale_0_0 Pre-Test_(Study_Version)
cmi.interactions_4.result neutral
cmi.interactions_4.student_response f
cmi.interactions_4.time 22:09:29
cmi.interactions_4.type likert
cmi.interactions_4.weighting 1

When I use the same *.zip file in SCORM Cloud, it is evident that the module is actually recording the Likert scale results.  This Likert question has 7 questions and 5 ranks (Very Uncomfortable, Uncomfortable, Average, Comfortable, Very Comfortable):

- [22:27:59.924] LMSSetValue('cmi.interactions.4.student_response', 'Febrile_Seizures___Very_Uncomfortable___Pediatric_Fractures___Average___Ocular_Trauma___Very_Comfortable___Animal_Bites___Very_Uncomfortable___Apparent_Life_Threatening_Events___Average___Airway_Obstruction___Very_Comfortable___Toxicology___Average') returned 'true' in 0 seconds

I tried a ridiculously simple Likert scale (3 questions, 5 ranks) as a test module and was able to get the response within Moodle in the format like above.  Which leads me to believe that if the value is too long, then it simply truncates the response for some reason.  That would be why in the above example, the response just turned into the letter f.  

My question:  Is this a character limit problem?  Or a # of questions problem?  Or something else?  If this is a limitation, are you able to tell us how to modify the Likert questions so that it can be displayed in the LMS?





Mathieu Levesque


I just ran into the same situation and found a possible solution on the Moodle site.  It seems SCORM 1.2 spec states that student_response is limited to 255 characters.  The post does state that SCORM 2004 does not have this limit and may be a possible solution.

I added a text box over the likert choice that had the full text effectively hiding the short form response underneath it.  I found this works well.

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