Limit Data-Entry field to one line


We have a course with a data-entry field for the user to input name. Some users have put in their name and hit enter and claiming the name was deleted. The reality is that the data-entry field is multi-line and the name is simply pushed up where they can't see it. As a result the variable is returning multiple names as they have retyped.


  1. How can I limit the data-entry field to just one line?
  2. What other options are there?
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Jerry Beaucaire

Does your version of SL give you the option of setting the ENTER key as a submit function?


In my experience, if the textbox is short enough in height, ENTER submits the entry.  If it's too tall, it allows multiple lines of text, which is good in some instances.  Try making the text box shorter. 

Deanna Middleton

Could that be the issue I'm having with this data entry option? I have it triggered to submit with the Enter button, but this is the first time I've seen it actually "return" the line like normal typing functionality rather than submitting the answer. This is also the first time I've ever used a short/wide box.