Line spacing less than 1.0

Anyone know how to do this within storyline? "Do this" means keeping the formatting within the object and not using a rectangle and two separate text boxes all grouped together in a Charlie Foxtrot to achieve the effect.

As an example try creating a rectangle 64 pixels in height and place two lines of text inside with a normal text height that is appropriate and legible on a mobile device. It looks bad. Not end of the world bad but unacceptable when creating mobile touch modules.

I appreciate the responses of "thanks for asking in the forums" or "this is a great feature request" but does anybody have any real answers to these types of questions?

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John Denner

The line spacing is the major problem. There's no way to natively bring the first line closer to the second line without creating two textboxes (or something similar which is still highly undesirable) and fiddling with the margins. The same issue pops up with bulleted lists. A multiline bullet has the same vertical line spacing to the next bullet. It looks bad. Not to mention that subsequent lines don't line up with the first line. That's a whole other rant though.

John Denner


Typesetting in the old days? Really? I respect you soooooo much. That being said.

The thought of typesetting in the old days is not comforting thought; and I'm pretty dang sure none of the users of (inserts a current digital medium) current software have ever used a printing press..) I understand the spirit of the comment  however...that does not in any way justify a limitation of software to reduce the line height of text less than 1.0.

Mike Fox

You can now set the "leading" (space between lines in a paragraph), by pressing the "Line Spacing" button, (see attached screen grab), and selecting "Line Spacing Options" at the bottom of the drop-down window.  Then, next to the Line Spacing option (bottom right of window), choose "Exactly" from the drop-down window, then in the last window, choose the point size, (matching your text font is usually ideal).  Voila!  

Vickie Burnett

I've had the same issue & Mike Fox pointed you in the correct direction. When you click on the icon & the Line Spacing Options a the bottom, a window opens. The last topic is Spacing. To choose the amount of space between separate lines of text, set the Before & After numbers. To change the line spacing on wrap around text, choose Line Spacing:  Exactly  At: 25pt (that is what looked best for my application).

Hope this helps!