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Aug 04, 2013


I'm looking for a simple solution to create a menu with links to a number of published SL lessons that are in separate published SL folders.

I have created a menu in SL with a number of buttons/links that allows users to open a linked SL lesson in a separate window.

My issue is that you cannot make multiple links as all files are dumped under the external_links folder.

One solution is to manually copy in all the SL published folders and then create new html files that each link to the story.html file in each folder.

I'm hoping someone has a much simpler solution.


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Dennis Hall

Hi Saul:

What you are asking for help with is, a MultiSCO project.

Storyline is only capable of creating single SCO courses.

The Reload Editor is a free tool that you can build a MultiSCO product using.

If anyone knows of other tools that can be used to insert "Storyline" courses into a MultiSCO, please add your links.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Saul  Jacobs

Hi Leslie

Dennis is referring to a solution that supports Scorm, where our case is much simpler. We need to provide a number of SL published lessons offline, on a flash drive to the end-user, and want a menu page that links to each SL lesson.

It also needs to support iOS. I've see that the CD publish option may not work on iPad.

Appreciate any suggestions.



Dennis Hall

Hi Saul:

You are correct about the CD publish option not supported in iPad. The CD publish option requires the end user have IE installed.

The code below can be copied into a text file or you can click the linked document to get it as an HTML file:

Play My Stories

function setURL(url){
    document.getElementById('iframe').src = url;


         Title of Story 1

            Title of Story 2

            Title of Story 3

            Title of Story 4

            Title of Story 5



I set the script to be used without JavaScript, but you can also uncomment stuff to use JavaScript.

Once copied (or downloaded), you need to edit all the lines that state "Title of Story #" and "path_to_story_#", then edit the src="path_to_default_story" in the iframe tag.

Once completed, save the file as index.html.

This should work fine for you.

If you have any issues, you will need to use a Web Server on a stick type of product to allow for local links to be opened from within your story files.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Lance Johnson

Hi Dennis, when I download and open your index.html file I can't see any lines for "Title of Story #" and "path_to_story_#", so I'm unable to edit these.  I'm not a coder, so maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I opened the html file in Notepad++ and see lots of lines of code, but not the ones you reference.  Can you advise further.  I'm in a terrible rush to get something to a client today if possible, so your help would be greatly appreciated.  

Many thanks in advance!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

I don't know of any templates for this as it's going to be up to you as the author to publish and connect each of the courses. I've seen users mention something as simple as publishing the last section/course and uploading to the web server, and then using that URL to place it on the last slide in the next section/course and publishing that one, and so on following that same set up. 

You mentioned publish to CD though, so I'm not aware of a set up that would work for that need. 

Sophie Cadiergue


We had the same problem : call several SL projects from a menu page.

We published every one of the separate lessons (for LMS), then change the file name 'story.html'  to 'index.html' in the published folder.

All the published folders were set in the same place on the local disc. Then the lessons are linked in the menu as web objects, opening in a new window when the menu is clicked.

When the selected lesson is finished, the user only has to close the window to go back to the menu.

We published it for LMS and tried it on Moodle. It seems to work quiet well. But each lesson is followed as 1 slide only in the LMS.

Hope it will help.

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