Linking multiple Storyline projects

Hi there!

I am trying to link between separate .story files. I have eLearning split into 8 parts i.e. intro, main menu and 6 units of learning. I would like all of these separate files to link between each other using various 'click' triggers:

Is there any way to achieve this using click triggers? Currently, I've pulled all .story files into one project and have linked between them as scenes. I'm new to Storyline so I'm not sure what the size implications are of this for client's deploying published files onto their LMS - I'm assuming that loading separate files that link between each other load faster when a user launches the course?

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Kershia Naidoo

Thank you

I have tried that - perhaps I didn't think it out properly in terms of the units linking back to the main menu (Would I have to publish the main menu and put that into each story_content folder of each unit and put each unit into the story_content folder of the main menu....the confusion makes my brain hurt.