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May 29, 2020

Hi everyone,

My company recently threw down for the premium/enterprise subscription to LinkedIn learning for its employees, and also the ability to add in custom content and courses that have to do with our own company.

I have a ton of prototype content created with Articulate 360, that currently is shared with others using a combination of Review 360 and Rise. Most of the content was created using Storyline and Engage. No problems with any of that.

When it comes to having this content accessible within LinkedIn learning, I know that the primary option is to host it on my end and provide a link to it within LinkedIn learning. However, that may not be the most secure option as it is stored within our network, there is authentication, etc.

Has anyone created content with Storyline and managed to upload it to LinkedIn learning, and store it there? It seems Linkedin Learning can handle many file types, but when it's a bunch of output files in a folder, it's not obvious.

I'm not quite sure the LinkedIn people are quite familiar with Articulate output, so thought I'd start here. Remember - the content can't be linked to an external source!




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Tom Kuhlmann

This is what their site says regarding uploading content:

"Providing public links allows admins to search for Learning content outside of the proprietary courses LinkedIn Learning has to offer. Admins can add links to sources other than videos, including public content hosted on other websites in the form of PowerPoints, PDFs, articles, and others. This helps provides a multi-format, multi-source learning opportunity for your learners. Admins can track the clicks on the added content using the learner reports."

Link to site.

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