linking a future outlook calendar reminder item in course

Nov 26, 2013

Hi everyone.  I am hoping someone might be able to help me brainstorm a request I received for a course.  I'll have to take my time to explain this.....We have a course (a timesheet completion course) trhat I'm building that will be required by all new employees.  There is another course-Part II, which will be required 90-days post hire date (or after part I completion date).  The reason for this is that there are tasks in Part II (such as requesting time off) that are not valid until the 90-day mark.  We cannot time release the course via the LMS so I was hoping of maybe adding an outlook calendar reminder at course completion - set for 90+ days from when the learner clicks on it, which will populate their calendar with a reminder to enroll in the Part II course.  Any ideas on how to do this - or maybe any better ideas?



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Matthew Mosman

-I know this thread is super old, but I couldn't help noticing that Marie never got a reply from Chris (or Seth, for that matter), and I second her question. 

-Also, would taking the ICS file route allow for intelligent dating through Outlook (i.e. it sets the invite for X days out from the time of course completion, rather than a fixed date)?

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