Linking Articulate Storyline projects

Aug 27, 2014

Need help with linking Storyline projects.


i have a project that got too big to work in Articulate as a single project. Therefore, I broke it down into eight tutorials linked by a navigation page using web objects.

Each tutorial is outputted with the story.html changed to Index.html, each output is link to the navigation page using web object.


The only way any of the eight tutorials will open is by opining the navigation page using the story_html5.html file. This works, but the content of the navigation page is blurry. (This is the same if I open any tutorial using the story_html5.html file).

I have opened the navigation page with all other possible files, with no luck on displaying the web objects.

The project will be placed on the desktop and accessed using internet explorer. I used web objects because when publishing the navigation page all information for each web object (tutorial) is stored in the output > story_content >Web Objects. This format makes it easier to update a single tutorial and not have to republish the navigation page.

So my goal is to open the navigation page without it being blurry and all links work.



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