Linking back to a Likert Survey

Oct 27, 2015

Hi Everyone

I have created a Survey slide containing a Likert scale.  I have asked users to rate their knowledge, skills and confidence in a certain area prior to taking the e-learning.  I then want them to take the same survey at the end of the e-learning to rate themselves.  I then want to compare the two results (before and after) by showing them the results of the original survey and the one at the end. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this please?




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Helen Harris


Thanks very much for your response. I have tried adding a cumulative results slide, but it just says 'Thank you for completing the survey'. I was hoping to be able to show the ratings they had given themselves on the Likert Survey slide before and after completing the e-learning.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Helen! I apologize, you are correct :) You will have to be a bit more creative to do so, but I think there is a great conversation in this thread that may assist you. 

If others in the community have any ideas or suggestions, hopefully they will chime in, but this is not something 'out of the box' for either quizzes or surveys.

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