Linking Hotspot with video clip together for timeline

Jul 10, 2014

Greetings fellow educators.

I am very new to storyline and am learning so thorough "newbie" explanations would be appreciated.

I am building a learning event where the learner would watch a 20 second video clip and be required to select hotspots signifying they identified a hazard. If they properly identify the hazard within the video clip the state of an object in the hazard meter changes to green. Once the timline for the hotspot ends and the object is not in selected state the state will change to red meaning the learner did not select the hazard.

Here is my issue - if the learner pauses the video clip for any reason the timeline for the hotspots continues. The window for selecting the hazard is now not properly linked to the video the object states may change.

Is there a way to link the status of the hotspots to the timeline of the video? Hopefully this makes sense. I have attached a screenshot if that helps.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris and welcome to Heroes!

I can see from your image that you've enabled the video controls - once you do that it is no longer synced with your slide's timeline. As such, the hotspot timeline and the other objects timeline will not match that of the video. Are you able to remove the video controls?

If not, you may also want to look at adding a transparent hotspot over the video controls so that the user can see it, but not necessarily use it to play/pause the video which would make things unsynced with your slide timeline.

Hope that helps!

Chris Hensen


Excellent response. I can remove the video player controls and actually added them as a last attempt. Prior to adding the controls I had the video launch automatically and what happed was if the learner clicked on the video image prior to the hotspot becoming active the video paused but the hotspot timelines continued.

Thanks for looking at this - any other ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Hensen

Greetings fellow educators,

For anyone else who may want to create a similar learning event let me explain what I was trying to accomplish. Utilizing a 20 second video clip of a traffic patern the learner (video was driver's point of view) was to identify possible hazards that could impede the safe travel (i.e. pedestrians, other motorists not yielding, etc).

By overlaying hotspots at specific times of the video the program record the learners entries and scored them. This issue I faced was if the learner clicked on anywhere else other than an open hotspot the video paused and the timeline for the hotspots continued, when this occurred the video the hotspot timing where no longer synchronized.

Solution - simple but effective - I removed the video player controls and installed a hotspot over the entire video but it was layered underneath the hotspots - everything works perfect - Ashley is champ!!!!

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