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Apr 20, 2018


I am new to articulate storyline 360. Need help for below Senario.

Need to create e-learning using storyline 360 for a process which was present in PDF.

Once storyline is created. Later if some updates are there in document, i need to change in source document and based on that i need to change e-learning too.  

Challenge: I have to automate those changes in order to update in both places. I will change in source file only, based on that e-learning also should update.

can you please provide ideas for above senario.

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Rudra Ravva

Thanks for the help. I have one more question.

I am creating storyline for two methods, For these methods some preliminary steps are common.

Challenge: I will create slides for common steps in one storyline only. For Second storyline those common steps has to read from first one. Is there any way to do the task as per this. please help

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