Interactive pie chart??

Jun 29, 2022


I'm making a time management calculator based on a template from E-Learning Heroes. But I need to update the pie chart (web object) with new labels.

You can see what I've started: 

I was directed to this site:

Does anyone have any advice for getting started with interactive pie charts? I'm a little overwhelmed. Is there a good place to start with step-by-step instructions for creating pie charts that automatically update? 


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Walt Hamilton

There is a sample that fills a pie chart according to user-entered values at this discussion:

I think it may be easier to use than writing js. The calculations are done by adding together the four (easy enough to add another) entries, and finding what the individual percentage is. The early triggers are the ones that you need for the calculation. If you want the raw numbers, or percentages, use a reference to show the appropriate variable. I triggered it when the learner clicks. You can make it update automatically when the variables change, but I think that may slow down its responsiveness.