Pie chart assistance

I figure I must be missing something on how to add a simple pie chart. I'm using the pie shape tool and trying to guestimate the size of the pieces of the pie (copy and paste, rotate, adjust?) and they never seem to work out. Is there any way we can identify the degrees of each pie piece? Or maybe I'm just not building the chart properly and am missing something entirely. Or are you building pie charts in another program first? Thanks!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Beth,

I haven't used a pie chart recently, but that's the kind of graphic I'd build in PowerPoint and then insert as an image into Storyline. If you want sections to be clickable, you could insert transparent wedge shapes over the chart image. 

Another trick to help create the entire thing in Storyline: 

  • Create the chart in PowerPoint or another program designed to generate pie charts based on specified data.
  • Capture an image of that pie chart. 
  • Add the image to Storyline, and resize it as needed. Then lock it on the timeline so it won't move.
  • Create your wedges in Storyline by lining them up over the locked image. 
  • When you've got all your wedges, delete the image.
Jeff Forrer

Hello, when I do these I usually make a full pie the size I want, then I keep copying and pasting the one I completed on top of the one below, aligning it right on top of it, then drag the handles to the spots you want them to be.  This is when building in SL, and seems to work pretty well.  Sometimes I remove the fill temporarily to get them lined up.  Not sure if this helps, file attached. Good luck!