Help with creating dials in Storyline


I am fairly new to using Storyline, and I would like to participate in this week's challenge (#261). I have a vision in my head, but I'm not sure of the best way to create it.

I would like my project to look something like the screenshots attached. I would like the dial to resemble a pie chart, and the learner would be able to click different tabs around the circle (where the numbers are), and the dial would move to that part of the pie chart, then display information on the right. However, I'd like the chunks on the pie chart to be different sizes to represent different percentages.

I know how to insert a dial, but I'm a little lost on creating different tabs around the dial that aren't evenly spaced apart. Should I create the pie chart in Illustrator first? Then convert it to a dial in Storyline?

Any help is appreciated!

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