List of Variables - Question

Aug 25, 2012

Learning a lot from you folks! My question regards the list of variables that is displayed when clicking the 'X' in the trigger pane. I have a smallish program- 50 slides- and a number of named variables I've created. Where are the variables 'text entry 1, text entry 2, text entry 3, etc., etc. coming from? The list of those seems to be growing and I can't account for what they are. They have no apparent relationships with my slides as I'm pretty sure I can account for all of the ones I've named and need. Can I safely delete them?

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Jeff Nauman

Thanks, Phil! So they are retained even though they've been given a new identity by naming it? An unused duplicate remains? This does not occur when creating a new variable as opposed to inserting a text or numerical field on a slide? I'll pay more attention to these things in the future. One more lesson for the old bean.

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