LMS does not indicate completion of Storyline Course

Dec 04, 2014

Hi there

I am writing to try and see if anyone knows why a Storyline course is not indicating completion in out LMS. The course in question is an orientation course and therefore has no assessment. I have published it to indicate complete/incomplete. I have set the number of slides to match the number of slides in the main scene. Is there a setting or field that I am overlooking? Any suggestions?


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Jeffrey Hurt

I am having this same issue since the most recent update. I have my publish settings to "Complete/Incomplete" and while the score is being passed through to the LMS, the status is not being updated to "Complete." I tried validating on SCORM cloud and had the same results, so it isn't an LMS communication issue.

Jeffrey Hurt

Hi Emily,

I have already submitted a ticket for my issue, but are you using the latest update? I've uninstalled SL2 with the new version off my machine and reinstalled with a fresh zip download and still have issues with the Complete/Incomplete reporting correctly to SCORM Cloud.

I've published the exact same *.story files without any changes--just republishing--on a colleague's machine who didn't update to the latest version and have had no issues. Is there a way to "roll back" to an earlier version? 

Jeffrey Hurt

Just curious if you have found out anything regarding my version of SL2 to send a score but not a completion status. I would happily "roll back" to an earlier version if it meant publishing courses that worked instead of having my colleague publish them.

Thanks for all your help, seems I have multiple issues going on at the same time and you have been great to help.

Jeffrey Hurt

would you be able to send a link from which I could download? I don't have the update 1 ZIP file any longer. And as an update, I uninstalled SL2 on Friday and re-downloaded and installed again this morning and still have the same issue with a completed score being send with an incomplete. I'm sending an updated zip and screenshot from SCORM cloud.

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