Not passing SCORM values to LMS?

May 08, 2019

In a very small handful of instances (~.5%) we're noticing that users are completing a Storyline course with a duration of 0:00 recorded in the LMS.  Our LMS vendor told us that the content is not passing interaction details, apparently because the completion call is happening before interaction details are passed.

Our final slide triggers course completion when the timeline begins (and all prior slides must be viewed before reaching the final slide).  Could this be the cause of the problem?  Is there a better practice for triggering completion or passing interaction details?

In the past, we tracked completion via number of slides viewed, but we found that a larger number of people experienced issues receiving completion.  The Completion trigger seemed like a more straightforward process.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Matt. The way you built the completion trigger should be fine. Since this is a small percentage of learners, I'd like to see if we can find a common denominator:

  • Do you know in which browser(s) the affected learners are launching the course?
  • Is there anything odd about their experience with the course? Does it open at the beginning? If there's a test, can they take it and see an accurate score?
  • Can the affected learners retake the course and show completion?

We'll talk about some next ideas!

Matt Farina

Hi Crystal, just wanted to get back to this - thanks for these suggestions.  I started looking into any commonalities across the learners experiencing this issue, but the LMS vendor also let me know that not requiring registration can sometimes affect tracking accuracy (and we did not require registration for this course in the LMS).

This is probably beyond the scope of this discussion, but it got me wondering whether it's possible to capture the learner's OS/browser details and pass that data to the LMS.  It looks like some people have had luck using UAParser.js to do the capturing part.

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