LMS for Clients

Oct 14, 2021

I'd like to put a storyline course on an LMS for a client; a small business that doesn't have, nor need an LMS. It's in a scorm file. 

I can't afford Blackboard, TalentLMS, etc. Moodle is an option, but setting up and managing the admin for a Moodle LMS is not my strong suit.

Is there a group of one-man-band eLearning designers who've joined together to subscribe to an LMS? 

Any ideas for one-off courses?  

Thank you in advance. 

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Simon Everett

From my point of view Blackboard and Moodle are over kill unless your a school with very narrow requirements.

I've done a little worth with D2L thats not a bad middle ground for a SME, but Its kind of amazing how much you can do with wordpress and a few hundred lines of code, That said theres some really sold Off-the-shelf plugins that can do most of the hevely lifting.

The hardest from my point of view is hosting, and maintenance, and maby enrollment. We've had customers with 2-3k users with out and issuie, on wordpress, running on very reasonable hosting.

I think Phils got a demo site kicking around somewhere.