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Mar 12, 2019

HI. In the Articulate 360 LMS publishing options, under the Reporting tab, there is a box called LMS Course information and lower down a box called LMS Lesson SCORM Information. Both boxes contain a field called Identifier.  In the notes for this, it says: "The Identifier field is a unique string of characters assigned by Storyline. Your LMS uses it to identify your content. If you are republishing a course that is already in your LMS, do not change the value in this field."

So my questions are:

1) Which Identifier field are the notes referring to? I assume only the one in the LMS Course information box?

2) In the LMS Lesson SCORM Information box, there is a title field and an identifier field. The title field is automatically populated from the Title I entered for the new file. However the identifier field is still showing as the title from the original file. So, should I make the title and Identifier in the this LMS Lesson SCORM Information box the same?


Tanudja, Melbourne Australia



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Tanudja and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your questions.

You are correct, the Identifier that is assigned by Storyline is the first one under LMS Course Information.

The second Identifier defaults to the Title of the project in a new file.

  • Are you doing a Save As and re-naming a project?
  • Are you running into an issue with your identifier in your LMS? 

Here's a visual of what happens by default:

Tanudja Gibson

Thanks so much Leslie. Looks like I'm doing this bit correctly. My issue is problems with text box appearance  in Chrome that are not appearing in Mozilla (I thought this identifier thing might be it but no. I'm a complete novice so just learning the ropes on a very tight deadline - and original developer not available so here I am! I have opened another discussion about the Chrome issue.  



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Christine!

The second identifier appears in the imsmanifest.xml file, and it appears to be a friendly name for the first auto-generated LMS identifier higher up on that same screen.

While you can change the second identifier, I'd tread with caution. Just be sure the identifier is the same each time you publish the same course. 

Let me know if that answers your question!

Mona Conder

Hello Alyssa,

I'm currently having a similar issue. I used a previous courses' framework to develop a similar course. I could SCORM the original course and deliver to the client with no issues. With the "copied" course, I noticed the original course name is populated in the second section for the title and identifier. I renamed those two line items since it is not the same course, but made sure not to modify the identifier in the "LMS Course Information" section. Now the client is having issues with the second set of SCORM files. I noticed your comment about treading with caution when changing the second identifier.

Any suggestions or ideas on what to do with the second developed course? I ended up uploading all of the files to a shared drive and my coworker could SCORM the second set into usable files for the client; however, I'm still puzzled on why my version of the SCORM files did not work for them.

Fairly new to publishing in SCORM, so any input is appreciated. Thanks!

Ren Gomez

Hi Mona,

Thanks for reaching out! Is it possible that your co-worker did a Save As when publishing the SCORM output files?

This discussion below shares more details, but the gist of the conversation is when creating a new course from a previously built file, importing the slides into a blank project or using the Save As function will create a new identifier for the LMS.

If you open an existing file and make updates, that shouldn't adjust any identifier info.

I hope this helps!

Mona Conder

Hi Ren,

Thanks for your quick reply! No, when course #2 was developed/saved, I copied files to our shared drive. My coworker simply republished the SCORM files and uploaded those files to the client's drive. He did not save or use the Save As function on course #2. Those SCORM files worked for the client's LMS. Over Zoom, I verified that he was publishing exactly the same way as I had prior to that; however, my SCORM files would not work in the client's LMS.

I appreciate the attached discussion, but I don't believe it's the same scenario as mine. I did not modify the course id identifier and I compared it to the original course (it was different).


Camille Fulton

What happens if you change the identifier? Does it reset or overwrite learning activity? I'm trying to figure out how to reset the files so learners can retake the same course each year. We are on the third year, and the only way we have identified is to save and rename the file. Same content, no updates... Some learners might be the same but we might have others as well. You learn something new every year. Lots of information. 

Becca Levan

Happy to chime in here, Camille!

What happens if you change the identifier? Does it reset or overwrite learning activity?

Changing the identifier will create a new version of the course in your LMS instead of updating the existing version—More details here.

I hope this helps! If you need more guidance, we're just a click away!

Laura Ingle

I have a question about the course identifier "..._course_id." Can we change that to a custom ID with unique identifying characters/numbers that would apply to a group of courses within the same topic or domain.  For example, part of the id being a common prefix (identifying a group), and the rest of the ID unique to the individual course. Then, could we filter these specific courses according to course ID in the LMS? Pull reports. How is the course id used within LMS? In particular Cornerstone.

Jose Tansengco

Hi Laura, 

If you're publishing your courses in xAPI (Tin Can API) and need to change the value of the course identifier to a custom one, you will be able to do so, but you'll need to avoid special characters and spaces. You can check out this article for more details.

Regarding how course IDs are used inside an LMS, you'll need to reach out to your LMS support team to see if they are able to filter reports using course IDs in the reporting section. 

Kelly Kreps


I have been having issues saving and opening files in Storyline. The file does actually save, but I get a pop-up sometimes that says the "process is not allowed...". Does this have to do with the Title and Identifier, or does the Title and Identifier only have to do with exporting to LMS? I have not yet exported this file, and have opened a ticket to help with the saving issue, just curious if this could be the root of my issue.

Erin Emerson

Hi Becca! I came across your reply in this thread and had a question for you. We have noticed that sometimes when we update a Storyline file, re-SCORM and replace the file in our LMS system, the changes don't always display to learners who have already completed the course and/or are in progress and who choose to restart. I am wondering if we were to change this identifier if that would force the updates to come through? Thanks!!

joel colley

Hi, I have come here as I've a similar query with the LMS Course information and LMS Lessons SCORM Information fields. I've read and reread the above posts, and am still no wiser on what if anything I need to do with these fields.

I'm republishing an old SCORM a colleague developed. I notice it says "MTM" in title and identifier. Shouldn't I be updating these so that learners see the correct course title in the player AND so that i and other colleagues can track the correct version of the published SCORM?

I'm hoping for an answer that can consolidate the key info into one response? I've found the above answers scattered across verious posts to be hard to understand.screenshot

Jose Tansengco

Hi Joel,

The name that will appear in the Player is the one that you set in the Player Settings.

The name that you set here will be carried over to the Title field under 'LMS Lesson SCORM Information'. Note that you can set any title under this section, but the course title that will be displayed in the published output is the title that is set under Player Features

And if you're planning on uploading a newer version of an existing course in your LMS, make sure that the identifier field under LMS Course Information has the same value as the course that you will be updating. 

For any additional questions or clarifications, feel free to open a case with our support team here and we'll be glad to assist!


Brett Conlon


I'm like Joel and are still vague on what these different settings are for.

I think I'm OK with the LMS Course Information "Identifier" - that it's a key value that the LMS uses to identify the course and that it shouldn't be changed if you are updating an existing course.

Further to this identifier, I'd also like to know what might happen if two courses on the LMS share the same identifier - what might happen??? I ask because I often duplicate my Storyline files (because it makes for easy updated additional modules) and I noticed a while back that the Identifier number hadn't changed. I'm not sure how many courses I had previously uploaded to the LMS with the same Identifier number (before I noticed the number hadn't changed). Since discovering it, whenever I "duplicate" a course, I temporarily create a separate, new Storyline file and copy the identifier from it (then close it as unsaved) and paste it into the updated course. BTW, can this identifier value be ANYTHING unique or is there a special formula that must be used (in other words, can I only use values that are created by the Storyline's PUBLISH interface)? Could I use my own unique formula, like some initials and then a reverse date?

Feature request thought: Could the Storyline interface have a [Regenerate] button next to the LMS Course Information Identifier field so we can create a new key number? As a safeguard, you could add a warning message that pops up when pressed, saying not to change it the designer/developer is updating an existing course.

Now, as for the LMS Lesson SCORM Information fields, reading the above it sounds like you're saying that you can change the Title field in BOTH the Player Properties window AND the Publish window but ONLY the Player Settings Title field is displayed in the Learner's window? I just did a quick test and it seems that the Player Settings window TITLE field and the Publish Window's root level Title field (ie. not inside the "Reporting and Tracking" area) are synchronised, but the LMS Lesson SCORM Information field's Title field acts independently. When I set the Player Settings field to "ABC", the root level Publish window's Title field also changed to "ABC" (and same happens in reverse) and the published course reflected these values in the player area and the browser window's tab. But the Lesson SCORM Information's Title field seems independent - it doesn't change when you change either of the other Title fields... so WHAT IS THIS FIELD FOR????

And what is the Lesson SCORM Information Identifier field for???

Can this information be clearly provided in the HELP window when you press the (i) Learn More... button at the bottom-left of the window? That would be so helpful :)

Sorry, that was long and painful, but all the answers above are skirting around what these values clearly are for.

Jose Tansengco

Hi Brett, 

Our apologies if you found some of the fields in the publishing options confusion, and thank you for your feature request suggestion. 

I opened a support case on your behalf so we can have our support engineers clarify the expected behavior, functions, and definitions of the fields that you mentioned in the publishing settings. Majority of the fields in the publishing settings are automatically generated, but I understand that some authors would prefer to nominate their own values. You're in good hands, and someone from our team will be in touch shortly!

Luciana Piazza

Hi Brett! 

Just wanted to pop in and let you know that it looks like part of your email signature came through when you replied via email. You can remove that if needed by clicking ‘Edit’ beneath your response. Here’s a quick Peek video if you need help.

Have a great afternoon and happy developing! ☀️