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Nov 21, 2013

I am trying to launch a course on oracle.  I published my storyline course to the LMS, scorm 1.2 option.  I set the tracking to the number of slides the participant goes through.

My oracle LMS keeps saying the course is incomplete, even thought the learners finish it.  I have connected the story.html file to the LMS because that's the only one that would play.  Am I connecting the wrong file?  Any ideas?  Thanks!

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Brian Allen

If you're not already, I would recommend selecting the option that allows Storyline to zip your published SCORM content for your LMS.

If you're uploading a proper SCORM package, your LMS *should* automatically detect the correct starting page by reading the imsmanifest.xml file, and for Storyline that file should be "index_lms.html".

The fact that you're having to connect the start page indicates that there may be something wrong with your SCORM package, and this happens a lot when you try to zip the files yourself.  Having Storyline zip the files for you will help you ensure that this isn't the problem.

Brian Allen

With an LMS, when you're creating a SCORM activity, in most cases you should actually upload your zip file during that process.  During the upload process your LMS will read the scorm files and automatically know what the starting URL should be.

This is in most cases...  I'm not a Saba user, but maybe someone here in the forums could help clarify if Saba is different in these regards.

I did find this knowledge document, but I'm not sure if this is the same issue as what you're experiencing - http://www.articulate.com/support/presenter-13/scorm-12-course-is-never-completed-in-saba-lms-727

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