LMS recording highest mark?!

Hi everyone,

We have a client who wants to know whether their LMS will report the highest mark on a quiz? So allowing a user to be able to retry the test a few times even if they pass - in order to get a "better" mark and have that mark recorded. So will the Storyline package always send the highest mark completed or is this not possible?

Thanks guys


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Amy!

It's up to the LMS if they'll accept another score and update it accordingly within the tracking. Have you confirmed with your LMS that this is an option or if there is a particular setting you need to use within the LMS? If your LMS confirms this is possible, then you'll want to add the Retry Quiz button to the Success layer of the Results Slide. That way, the learner can choose to retake the quiz as many times as they wish (as long as you have unlimited attempts) even if they pass the quiz.