LMS Recording Quiz Score

Jun 09, 2017

THE PROBLEM: The score for the quiz is being reported as the first score not the final score if the participant retakes the quiz.

I am not sure if this is a Articulate Storyline issue or something with the LMS. Within a Sortyline course I have published is a quiz. The SCORM 2004 1.2 is set to report the status to the LMS as Pass/Fail. 

The quiz is constructed to allow a total of 3 attempts to achieve a score of 80% or greater for passing. When the participant clicks the Retake button, it includes a trigger to reset the quiz score.

Is there some way to record the final score instead of the first score?

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Chris Barnett

This is a very similar issue to what I am experiencing (and just posted a separate discussion about).  I'm publishing in SCORM 2004 3rd Edition.  We are using Pass/Fail for reporting status.  The quiz has multiple attempts built in using the (pre-built) Retry Quiz button.  The 1st attempt score is reported accurately by the LMS (e.g. failing score of 30% and course remains in-progress).  However, as soon as the Retry Quiz button is clicked, the score in the LMS changes to 100%.  The score IS being accurately communicated (as evidenced by the course status changing appropriately based on the most recent quiz score), but the score that is reported by the LMS is always 100% after the 1st attempt.  (This did not occur in SCORM Cloud: in SC, the status AND score updated accurately with each attempt.  I realize this probably means we have an LMS-issue (aka non-supportable), but any insight would be very helpful.)  We've tried using Pass/Incomplete and Complete/Incomplete, but neither of those result in accurate course-status-changes.

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