LMS Reporting using Storyline 3/Articulate 360

Oct 14, 2017

Hi guys, 

I had two question regarding what data can be pulled from a Storyline 3 built course. Hope you can help!

My client wants to be able to do to two things: 1) Pull data, users enter from a pre and post assessment I will build into the course, i.e Name, location, job title, learning level, etc. (I'll use a variation of question types). The client want to be able to report on this information for analysis.

2) They also want to pull data from the learning journal I will create - so thoughts and reflections (open entry text box journal). Again they want to be able to report and analyse this data from their LMS.
Essentially they don't have an LMS but a plug in for Wordpress. Apparently with all LMS reporting capabilities.

With Storyline 3 do I still need to report the value of variables to the LMS somehow, as it's not a quiz question... like in this previous posting link: https://articulate.com/support/article/reporting-storyline-variables-to-an-lms.

Many thanks in advance,


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