LMS resizing the brower window

Jun 02, 2020

After uploading the course on LMS, once the course is launched, browser edge windows resize itself and Next button is not visible due to increase window size. Slide is also not visible fully due to increase in window size.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello E. Y!

It sounds like you might be using the Classic Player rather than the Modern Player. You can actually change the settings to specify how the window will be displayed.

Here are the two options:

  • Scale player to fill browser window: This scales your published course to fill the learner's browser while maintaining the classic player’s aspect ratio, which means there will be some white space around the player. (In comparison, the modern player always completely fills the learner’s browser, leaving no white space around the player.)
  • Lock player at optimal size: This is the default option. It locks the published course at its optimal size, which is the slide size plus additional width and height for the player frame. Even if learners resize their browsers, the course itself stays at its optimal size.

You can customize the settings in the Other area of the Player Properties.

Ren Gomez

Hi E Y,

Thanks for the follow-up! This article lists the ways you can publish and share content:

I'm not familiar with this app, but if the CSC Learn App is part of the LMS you previously mentioned, then you'd most likely publish your course for LMS. I'd follow up with the learning application to see if it's possible to load SCORM outputs!

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