LMS Results displaying slide names as "Pick One"

Jul 06, 2017

Hello everyone,

I'm working on a project and we are in the next step of preparing our Articulate files for a Learning Management System. On our test files, the result information on the LMS reads all of our question slides as "Pick One". Our slides are labeled differently as "Quiz Slide" or "Exam Slide".  We have used the Articulate LMS and another LMS as our test systems and both display as "Pick One".

How do I ensure the LMS will read the slide names as what they are titled as, instead of the type of question slide it is? Or is there something we need to incorporate into our projects, like in the notes section, so when someone is reviewing the results, they know what question they are referring to? is this just a limitation of Articulate or the standards of the LMSs that is causing this?

Many of our projects randomize our questions so we want to avoid confusing a trainer who is reviewing the results and they can determine what questions or subjects they need to review with the trainee. 

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Dustin Lyne

Hi Alyssa

Sadly, I am unable to send the project as we are under a NDA and cannot share the project.

Yes, it was Articulate Online that we used in out test. We are still testing and trying to figure it out on our end but no luck so far. The slides are custom slides we made within Articulate using the Freeform Pick One slides. The slides are renamed within our project to names like "Exam Slide" but they appear as "Pick One". Any info or tips to try to correct this would be appreciated. Thank you. 

Dustin Lyne

Hello again,

We were able to make a stripped down version of our project that  does not violate our NDA and we will attach here. Please review it and tell us if maybe it is something on our end that is causing this issue or if there is a work around this.

From our LMS tests, our results read each Question description as "Pick One" which does not help as the person who needs to review the results will be unable to tell what questions a trainee got wrong. Our questions are presented randomly during the Exam portion. We need some way to reference our questions into the LMS. If we can simply change the "pick one" to our questions, that would work for us, but we can't figure it out here. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Dustin.  

Storyline sends certain quiz data to the LMS, and it doesn't include the slide title.  It does, however, include the type of interaction, as well as the scene number, question draw number, and slide number.  I'm thinking you're seeing the type of interaction.  If you publish with SCORM 2004 format, you will also get question text.

When I hosted your course on SCORM Cloud, this is how each question was identified in the reporting:


In Articulate Online, it looks like the question bank questions are labeled with only a description of the type of question:


In another quiz that doesn't use a question bank, I'm able to see a better slide description:

I'm going to do a little research and see what the expected behavior is for question bank slides and how they are identified in Articulate Online.  I'll update this discussion with my findings!

Crystal Horn

Hi again, Dustin.  I have some more information to share with you about how the LMS and Articulate Online are identifying your slides.

The quiz slides in your question banks are Freeform Pick One questions, so naturally they do not have question text in Form View.  You simply identify correct choices.  Your question is in the form of a regular text box on the slide.

LMSs and Articulate Online both are looking for question text in order to better identify that quiz slide.  Absent the question text, Articulate Online only knows that it's a Pick One question.

Here's the solution:  Since it's the only set of questions being reported, on your final exam question bank, change the layout of your slides to Question Slide.  Since you have a few slides to change, you can easily change the layouts from Slide View using the slide thumbnails on the left:

  • Right-click the slide thumbnail in the Scenes panel, scroll to Layout, and click the layout you want to use.

A "title" text box field will appear.  Enter the identifying information in that text box (e.g. Final Exam Question 2), and then move that text box off the slide stage so that it isn't visible to the learner.

If you do that for all of your quiz slides and republish your course, you'll then have question text that is picked up by both the LMS and Articulate Online.

Dustin Lyne

Hello Crystal,

We did end up re-creating our Final Exam slides using the Graded templates slides, similar to your recommendation. Changing the Layout on our slides wouldn't work for us as we have a specially designed layout slide needed for our pop-up menu in the bottom left hand corner. Is there another way to add the Title text box to freeform questions so they can be submitted to LMS properly? or is there a way to add the Title text box to our custom Layout?

We have a couple "diagrams" or exercises we created that replicate work environments such as a control panel. They range from pushing buttons on a control panel, or selecting multiple items before submitting it. We would like to use some of these in our final exams but we have been avoiding them due to some of the issues we been having with the LMS reporting. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Dustin,

Were you able to follow Crystal's example to change the layout and then move all those things off the slide stage? They don't need to be visible to the user, but a part of the slide template/layout so that it can be reported to the LMS. 

Were there other issues you have been having with the diagrams and using those as questions? 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jeremiah!

We're happy to help! Are you using Articulate Online or another LMS?

It sounds like you're looking to include another slide name when using the Pick One question type. I've recorded a quick tutorial with these steps that Crystal shared above. Here's the link!

Let me know if you have any additional questions!