LMS results from one results slide, but various routes... please help!

Afternoon all,

I'm in need of some fresh eyes so to speak. I have a course where I have a quiz towards the end, depending on the route you choose the quiz separates into three other quizzes. At the end of each route is a results slide.

The problem I am having now is that I need to select the ' track using result slide' when I ouput, but this only allows me to then select one results slide.

What can I do to have the results slide show all of the results regardless of which route was taken? 

Thank you! 😁

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Emily Chorley

Okay, things did not go as planned.

Could you possibly elaborate a little on which settings I would need;

I have 3 results slides, of these the user would only take one route and end up completing one of the 3 quizzes. So how would I then track using results slide by creating a results of results slide and what info would I need to select in order to retain the scores the user achieved through the original path they chose?

Many thanks! 

Dave Cox

Hi Beast,

The only solution that I've discovered for your issue is to override the results of the final results slide using javascript. To do this, you will also need to gather your quiz results in variables, because javascript cannot access the default storyline quiz scores. You can view this thread where I helped another developer with this issue. I can provide additional information if you need. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Beast, 

You'd want to add a 4th results slide, and you could set it to track all three of the individual results slides. As Phil mentioned you'd likely need to adjust the passing rate, since the user is only going to end up visiting one of those slides but all 3 will still be counted as part of that final results. This tutorial offers up a bit more information on how to work with Results slides. 

Another option would be the ideas here for multiple SCOS, but those are not something that Articulate staff can offer assistance with. 

Kate Fahey

Hi Ashley,

I created a course with quiz slides, but the questioning is just to increase retention. So, I published it so users would just need to view all the slides in the course to get a completion. But, it does not complete.  Do I have to have a results slide if I have quiz slides?