Quiz question slides routing to hub then reporting results after all questions completed need branching and feedback help

I have a module with 4 main training branches, each has graded quiz questions at the end of the branch. There is a routing slide I added to the end of each branch so a button could be added to route back to the main branch (maybe not needed).  Once all 4 branch quizes are done I want them to report the quiz score and success or failure. should I connect my scoring results slide to the main branch slide, to the end of one of the branches or another way alltogether ?  Any help on the best way to do this would be greatly appreciated.


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Philip Landry

So what I suppose is that the hub slide buttons go to the different branches then when the student returns from each they will continue to other branches via buttons. I am assuming that I will use a trigger to connect the scoring slide to the hub slide? What trigger to use?

Also at end of each branch quiz set I added a blank slide with button to go back to hub slide....is there a better way? I have not been successful in past with quiz question branching to a hub without the retry or review function being a mess. Do I do a trigger that sends the learner back to the hub at the same time the user hits "submit" on the question?

Any advice welcome

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