LMS (saba) is marking course complete before tracking benchmarks are met

Jun 11, 2020


Total newbie Storyline 360 and could really use some help with my first course published.  I have a course that I built in Storyline360 using a powerpoint as my base for the slides.  We use Saba for our LMS and their documentation recommends using scorn 1.2.  When I choose the option for the tracking, I am picking number of slides viewed for course completion since there is no quiz at the end.

But when I load it into a course on Saba, if the users launches the content, views just one slide and then closes the content player, Saba for some reason marks the course as complete.  I have tired to everything but I still can't get it to work.  I have updated all of the program files per Saba's documentation but the completion command is pushing out before the set number of slides.  


Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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jason watts

Hey Judy, 

Yeah, I have tried a few different combinations but still no dice.  I tried one where the course is tracking based on a trigger of 'Complete Course' as 'Completed/Passed' when the 'user clicks on Button 1' and then set the tracking at export to sent a complete status to based on the trigger.  

I have tried to export with just using the amount of slides viewed but still no dice.

It always marks the course complete whether the users finishes the course or not just by launching the course and quickly closing it.

It's so strange.  It's the only content attached to the course and it should work in theory but just stuck.

Thanks for the advise Judy!

Judy Nollet

Hi, Jason,

Does the course work in the SCORM CLOUD? If so, then it's likely something to do with the settings in Saba. Then I suggest you find out if the LMS folks have successfully loaded any other Storyline courses. If so, find out exactly what publishing settings those developers used.

Years ago, I worked with a client who used Saba. They had me publish for SCORM 1.2. I think I had to set the LMS Reporting status to Passed/Incomplete, though I'm not really sure. I do know that I used the same status setting for all courses, whether they were tracked by passing a quiz or just viewing a certain number of slides.

I also remember that I also had to manually adjust some files. I even wrote up the info in a reply to this old Forum post: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/storyline-based-activity-being-marked-unsuccessful-by-saba-lms .

  • You'll have to scroll quite a bit to get to my replies.
  • Back then, folks were having an issue with courses not being marked as complete, so this may not help you now.
  • The point, really, is that Saba is a bit funky.  

Good luck!

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