LMS: See how many attempts?


I'm setting up a moodle with courses generated in Storyline.

I would like to see in the LMS:

- Who has taken the courses successfully?;

- How many times has a person tried before?;

- Who has started and not yet finished?

Users might complain and say they tried and tried without passing the test. How can I make sure I see that in the LMS?

It'd be great if someone explained to me which settings I need to think of both for the result slides in Articulate as well as for the moodle.

Thank you!



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi NY and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

You can check out this article to see what we sent to the LMS as well as information about result slides here. As for the attempts recording, this would be handled by your LMS and perhaps someone here in the forums will be able to assist you, but otherwise I'd follow up with your LMS team.