LMS Tracking

Nov 17, 2021

hey guys,

I designed a scorm with post assessment and had put 80% as pass percentage and uploaded the scorm on our company LMS. I had put reporting and tracking option as passed and failed and 'when learners completes a quiz' only then our lms would record completion as yes.

But on our lms even if the person is getting anything less than 80% the completion status is still coming as 'yes', which we I dont want. 

I want the completion status to come as 'yes' only when the user is passing the quiz with 80% and above otherwise it should come as 'no'.


Can someone help me here pls

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Prodapt.

Thank you for reaching out!

When you use Passed/Failed, the report will show completed as long as they finished the quiz (regardless of the result). If you want the completion status only to be true if the learners pass the quiz, you'd want to change the reporting to Passed/Incomplete instead.

I hope this helps!