LMS Tracking Query!

Hi community!

I am developing a course with lots of software simulations, but most of them are in view mode. Does the LMS track the results of these slides? Or should I choose the Test mode for tracking purposes? The reason I chose view mode is because I want users to "play" with the software without being interrupted by Correct or Incorrect messages...so I'm just using the Try Again feedback for when they click on the wrong place. But when they click on the correct place, they just move to the next slide. Can the LMS know how many times the user has "tried again"?


Thank you and have a great end of the year!

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Dave Cox

Hi Pamela,

Storyline only reports the results of test interactions to the LMS. If you want to track your participants interactions, you need to set them up as test interactions. You can track how many times a user has tried again, but to do it you will need to set up a variable and send it to the LMS manually in a hidden test transaction.

You can also set up a test transaction that doesn't show any correct of incorrect messages, or even custom messages. The best way to prevent the correct and incorrect messages from displaying is to edit the master results slide and move the feedback boxes off screen. The layer will still play, but not display. You can then set a trigger to close the layer, or even to updated a variable and then close the layer.

Alyssa Gomez

Hello Pamela!

Welcome to Heroes! If you want to use View Mode Step-by-Step Slides for your software simulation, you could always track using the number of slides viewed. Just keep in mind that this option will not report the number of times the user had to 'try again'. 

You can read more about Reporting and Tracking options in this tutorial on Publishing for LMS, about halfway down the page. Be sure to reach out if you have any further questions!