lmsAPI supported functions/parameters

Jun 25, 2013

Anyone can provide a list of supported functions/ parameters to be used with lmsAPI?

we are doing infinite tests trying to pass variables to Moodle without results, and i think that lmsAPI does not support read/writing of all scorm 2004 functions/parameters.

Is there any documentation of usage of lmsAPI and supported parameters in Storyline?

I.e. we find out that cmi.suspend_data is passed out as an unreadable variable.

Please, i already asked this replying to a thread with not answer.

thank you.

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Zio Fonta

Yhanx Sinchu, 

i am searching a way to pass a variable to scorm when each slide has been viewed. 

So i thouhgt that i could use cmi.interactions to set one id for each slide and change the value from "incomplete" to "completed" at the end of each timeline. But any other strategy would be good (i.e. using any variable that can be read by the scorm)

so, at the beginning, on the first slide, i launch this javascript:

var lmsAPI = parent;







then at the end of timeline of slide 1 i executed:

var lmsAPI = parent;


and so on. But nothing happens.

the scorm is on Moodle platform, someone suggested me to use 

var lmsAPI = parent;

before using lmsAPI function, but i'm stillo not sure about this.

when i try to read variables passed, nothing happens. 

where am i wrong?

thank you

Zio Fonta

Ashley, that method is not flexible cause it force you to use hidden slide and is so "tricky".

i found out how to do communicate variables to LMS executing javascript triggering any event, the solution is using the Storyline LMS functions that are already defined in the "LMS" published folder.

Ayoub, if i can help you i will show you how to set the script, let me know.


Norm Cousineau

I saved my own data to the "suspend data" field by modifying a function in SCORMFunctions.js.

Storyline courses use that field, but I added on my own info separated from Storyline's using a delimiter. So when the course resumes, I get the suspend data and split it on the delimiter.

If more detail is required, I'd be happy to share.

Norm Cousineau

Hi Lucio...I will try my best.  Hope you're well...it's been a while!

If you don't have too many slides, one approach could be:

Create a String variable for each slide e.g. "slide_1". When the user arrives there, set the value to "visited". String variables get saved to the LMS, and get sent back when the course launches. So you could check the value for "slide_1". If it equals "visited", then do something. "Contact Me" if you'd like to chat more.

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