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Jan 18, 2017


We have a client that needs to load videos via internal links into Storyline 2 where these videos can only be viewed on their network/VPN. They do want to load the modules via an LMS, but their employees will access the LMS within their VPN, so the videos should load.

Has anyone loading videos externally into SL2 and does it work well? Also, what video player would be used to load the videos and can they have full playback controls?

Also, we need to add closed captioning to each video. Any recommendation on how best to do that? If the videos aren't embedded and loaded externally, the closed captioning will probably be off (syncing). We are thinking of simply loading an external doc with the closed captioning text, but it wouldn't by synced.




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Alexandros Anoyatis

I can't say about the VPN, but as far as subtitles go check this list for reference : http://videosws.praegnanz.de/

As you can see, every player in the table has a CC feature and most that aren't even referenced (such as JW Player, jPlayer and many many more). Some support native .SRT/.VTT subtitles, which means you can transcode via a 3rd party app (such as Youtube which offers automatic syncing and transcoding), extract the SRT, and then edit via Notepad. Sounds like a lot of work, but it's less timeconsuming and much more efficient, especially in cases where an external player is critical.

Hope this helps,

Eric Bybee

Jason, I cannot address the CC item of your question, but we have had success using video stored on another server and calling to that video using the Insert-->Web Object.  Then add the HTML address.  So far we have not had any issues with users using or not using our VPN.  Using this feature allows limited controls Pause/Play but seems to work for our needs.

Jason Dumois

Hey everyone! Thank you for your input. We tried the web object option, but Storyline won't accept the following URL format. Our client gave us this format and is where they stored the videos. Any ideas on how to get this to work? They have to keep their videos behind their firewall so a regular URL probably won't work. 

\\\Media Files\Test Videos\Test.mp4


Alexandros Anoyatis

Is it a firewall, or a VPN? I'm confused. Also, is not a valid private address, but an address space or broadcast address or subnet. This won't work.

The correct notation would be http://[ip address]/test.mp4. For example:

But as Eric already pointed out, it would be more manageable if you called the html page that already contains that video. Therefore:

That should work like a charm.

Hope this helps,


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