Loading time in LMS - Using characters or video?

Mar 19, 2021

Hi all,

I have two versions of the same course. It's a branching scenario that I will repeat twice. If people make it through the first 3 rounds of questions they proceed to the next round. If not - the customer ends the call.

One version is with a cartoon (video) with the customer answering questions asked by the sales representative. There are 3 questions on each slide, which means, that storyline needs to preload three videos on each slide (the 3 possible ways the learner can choose to go).

The other version is with a character from Storyline instead against an office background. This character has 32 states (happy, neutral, negative) as I want to make it easy to respond to questions by depicting an emotion. The answer then comes from an audio file. The one with the character is 64 mb in size, the other is 23. Some (about 10% of my learners have reported issues with loading time and/or audio in the video-based course). I haven't been able to test the character-based one.

Which type would you recommend I go with? Character-based or video-based responses? The goal is for a smooth loading experience for all learners.

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