Lock and unlock navigation / can I use LMS SCORM variables?

Jun 18, 2015


I am making a course (in SL2) which has a locked navigation the first time the user takes the course (restricted menu, next buttons controlled by variables, and a seekbar that is read-only).

The next time the user enters the course (assuming it is completed) the navigation needs to be open.

So I was thinking of looking at the LMS/SCORM variables, that normally tells a course what the status is. You can normally ask the LMS for the learners name, the suspendData and a lot more from the course. And also if it is 'in progress' or 'completed'.

Question 1:

If a "LMS SCORM variables overview" exists, please direct me to it. Or if you have any other ways of unlocking a course after first time completion.

Question 2:

Is there any way of changing a read-only seek bar? Maybe controlled by a variable?

Looking forward for your input,

Best regards,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Niels,

There isn't a way to change these elements from within Storyline based on their second access. Using the restricted menu and the resume behavior will allow a user to navigate back to slides they've already seen upon resuming - and if you set the slide properties to resume saved state, the user should also be able to pick up at those slides where they left off. 

Hopefully the community will be able to assist with the customized set up/design you're looking to achieve. 

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