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Can someone look at the attached Storyline file and tell me how to change the second and third circle to match the first circle.  I like the way it is programmed so that the learner has to go through each one in order, but I don't want to use the second and third circle.  When I try to replace these circles with the first circle, the programming changes and I am not sure how to fix it.

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Greg Pierce

Thanks for the information.  I used the "change picture" functionality and everything works just fine.  I only had to create two new triggers for the two groups. 


Is there an import feature in Storyline that will allow me to import the attached file into a separate Storyline file?  If not, do I simply do a copy and paste.



Greg Pierce

Yes, the locked menu within the course on a specific page for scenarios worked in the previously course.  When I imported the page into an existing course, everything copied over (e.g., triggers, states, etc.).  However, the locked menu choices do not work on the specific page but they worked in the previous course.  If you can respond to my email, I will send you the course (gkpierce@windstream.net)

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Greg, 

If you need to share the course privately, you can send it along here and you'll want to reference this forum thread. Also, I believe you spoke to my colleague Ann earlier about the emails and it looks like you may have subscribed to an entire forum or product thread. At the top of each product forum page you'll see "Subscribed" and you can click that to unsubscribe.