Button trigger doesn't work consistently

Oct 08, 2020

Hi. I'm perplexed by the behavior in the attached Storyline360 slide. Each of the first three buttons is clickable and has a trigger to show a layer. However, for some reason, the second and third buttons are not consistently active.

If you click the first button, then click the second button, the third button won't respond. If you click the first, then the second, then the first again, then the third, the third button will work. What's going on? Thanks in advance for any insight. 

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Garth Yorko

Your Disable Hover shape was covering the wrong menu item on the Roles and Screenshot layers.  Move them to cover the Roles menu item on the Roles layer and Screen Shot menu item on the Screen Shot layer.  it should work.

See it in action:


File attached.

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