Problem with layers and web objects

Aug 29, 2012

I have a semi-complex problem. Hopefully I can describe it in a way that makes sense.

Here's the basic situation: There are three layers. The first layer has a button that has a trigger which takes the user to the second layer. Within the second layer the user can either click on a trigger button which goes to the third layer with a web object or they can click on a button with a trigger to take them back to the first layer. If they go to the third layer with the web object, there is a button trigger that allows them to go back to the second layer.  In several browsers, (google chrome and firefox) when clicking on the button trigger to go back to the second layer, the third layer remains on the screen overlaying the second layer. So you see both the third and second layer at the same time. The triggers work fine in Internet Explorer. Is there something I need to add/get rid of in order to get this to work in google chrome and firefox? Is this a known bug?

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