Seek bar causing text to overlap

Jan 20, 2015

I have a slide with 2 layers.  Base layer contains an object called Navigation which when clicked goes to the second layer.   Second layer contains an object called Back which when clicked goes back to the base layer.  I have a seek bar showing. 

When I go to the second layer and use the Back button everything works as it should, but if I go to the second layer and then drag the seek bar to the right, the object called Navigation from the base layer shows on top of the object called Back on the second layer. 

I have many slides in my module that work perfectly with the same objects and triggers, but just this one slide (as attached) always misbehaves.  I have tried deleting these 2 objects and copying across from a slide that is working, but with no effect.

Hoping someone can see what I am missing.





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Jeanette Brooks

Hello Kay,

Interesting dilemma! In your example, the seekbar that learners see when they open the "Narration" layer represents the content of the base layer (not the 2nd layer). It seems that when the learner clicks/drags the seekbar while viewing the "Narration" layer, Storyline assumes the learner wants to scrub through all the visible content of the base layer, and so the "Narration" object reappears.

An easy fix would be this: on the 2nd layer, select the "Back" textbox and apply a fill color that exactly matches the blue banner at the bottom of the slide. This way, the word "Back" will obscure the "Narration" textbox on the base layer if the learner clicks the seekbar. 

Kay Fenton

Hi Jeanette

Thanks for the quick response.  I have added your suggestion and it works perfectly!!  I would never have thought of this as a work around.  What puzzled me is that the exact same interaction is used on around 20 other slides without any problems, but having a work around is great.

Thanks for your help

Samantha Geib

Hi there,

This is the first discussion I found that relates to the issue I'm having.

Essentially, the first slide is a drag and drop (example). If the learner answers correctly, they move on to the next slide. If they answer incorrectly, I want to show the 'Answer' layer which shows the items in their correct places before advancing to the next slide. This seems to work except for when I revisit the slide and click the seekbar. If I answer correctly, advance, revisit the slide and click ahead on the seekbar, the answers revert to their initial position at the bottom of the slide. If I answer incorrectly, advance, revisit the slide and click ahead on the seekbar, text overlaps. Obviously, in both situations, I want the correct answers preserved upon revisiting the slide, and they are until I click the seekbar.

I can add solid white boxes to cover the answers at the bottom (as suggested above) but what can I do about the answers that overlap in the drop area?

Samantha Geib

Hi Leslie,

Yes, I am still seeing the same behavior. You can recreate it by 1) Dragging the items on the left into box above, items on right into box above 2) Use all 3 attempts 3) See correct answers float in 4) Select Next to advance to next slide (blank) 5) Select Previous to revisit slide 6) Click ahead on seekbar.

Added a screen shot for your reference.

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