Shape Effect / State behavior not as expected.

Aug 21, 2023

I am trying to get an interaction to behave in a specific way and it's it's not working as expected. Base layer has 2 objects that when clicked open seperate layers. At the end of the base layer timeline, object one goes to a highlighted state (glow added to object) indicating to click on it. Clicking on it opens layer 1. When going back to the base layer, I want the glow to stop on object 1 and start on object 2. The only way I can stop the glow is to go back to the normal state. If any other state is chosen such as visited, the glow is applied to the object even though when you look at that state it's not there.  Any way to make the glow stop on states other than normal? The attached .story has object 1 getting reset to normal state when going back to the base layer and object 2 getting reset to visited when going back to the base layer.

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