Storyline 2 - show layer and remain shown

Sep 02, 2016

Hello everyone, 

I have made a button with a trigger that enables text to be shown next to the button when the button is clicked. I have done this by placing the text in separate layer and by default I hide that layer and when the button is pressed that layer is shown.

This is what I like, but I want to do it multiple times with three buttons one beneath each other. 

The problem I have is when I click the first button for example the text is shown as I like, but when I click the second button, the first button text disappears and the second button text appears.

I want the first button text to remain shown and then to add the second button text and then when clicking on the third button to add that text on the slide too. So in the end I want to remain with three buttons each having text on the side.

Hope someone will help :)

Thank you! 

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