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Dec 20, 2022

Hi!  I have a request to put together a drag-and-drop exercise for 30 leader expectations/cards; the user will drag each into three different buckets; the results of 1 of the buckets need to populate on the next screen, where the user will choose the top 5 from that bucket.
Has anyone put together something like this...any templates out here for such a thing? I have scoured the downloads and I'm not seeing anything that fits the need. Thanks in advance!!

Andrea Schneider

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Tom Kuhlmann

That's a very specific activity where you probably won't find a template. How well do you know variables in Storyline?

The essence of the activity is to know what the learner selected and then on the next screen determine what to display.

  • You need a variable to know if an object was dragged into a bucket. Could be a T/F.
  • Then on the next slide, you could have all of the potential objects hidden to start. Add a trigger to change the state of the object to normal when slide starts if var=T.

This comes with other considerations such as how the objects are aligned on the next slide.

Tom Kuhlmann

Was thinking about this a bit more.

  • If you have three buckets then you could use a text or number variable. I'd probably use a text to describe the bucket.
  • Then you'd change the value of the variable when an object is dropped into a bucket.
  • On the next slide, you start with all card objects in a hidden or disabled state. Then change the state of the card to normal when timeline starts on the condition that variable = X.
  • That would expose all cards for a given bucket.
  • At that point, you select your top five (probably use a number variable to count up to five) and use a tracking process again to determine what's selected and then go to the next slide and display the five that were selected.

There's some nuance to this in terms of what you select and how you want to display it on the next slide. 

Andrea Schneider

Hi Tom!  Thank you for the tips.. I put this together, but I'm struggling with how to get these cards to stack and only show what was selected instead of having them all laid out and showing selected ones..  I think this will work for what I need to do..  and to be able to report on the last selected cards.  If you have any suggestions let me know I would greatly appreciate it! 

Andrea Schneider

Hi Tom!  OMG, thank you so much for your video.. it was exactly what I needed to see.  So I went ahead and set up the last drag and drop and used your guide… Thank you so very much! 

I’m struggling now with the user having all the cards they selected in the “High” bucket; now they need to pick their top 5…  I added a variable that is 1FinalChoice (1 so that it's at the top) and set it to show layer “OnlyPick5” if they drop more than 5 in the spots... I would like to do only one item per spot and have the extra choices auto-returned, but I know that is a TON of triggers and motion paths and all that business. Not interested in spending a ton of time on this project.  

What I'm noticing is that the layer 'Choose only 5" shows as soon as the 5th object is dropped.  I would think this would happen if there were 6 dropped…   why is that?  I also trying to figure out how to set the last dropped card back..  I’m guessing this might be a crazy amount of triggers…  I put subtracted one from the variable on the warning layer, but I think that is not the route to take..  Thoughts on how to proceed?  I’m trying to make this as easy as possible as it is a "can we do this request" to quickly get results from our global partners on this. 

Tom Kuhlmann

On kicking objects back, you could leverage the convert to freeform and only allow one object per target. But then if you dropped one in, the other one would move out. Since you have five boxes, it is clear that you only need 5. I'd add a submit button perhaps.

I played around with it a little. You can see why templating this activity can be problematic. https://360.articulate.com/review/content/35a5344f-341d-4fe5-a5ac-4099acb0e1b1/review

Andrea Schneider

Hi Tom!  Thank you again...  I really really appreciate all your short help videos :)  I added one here as well...  I'm running into a reporting issue.. I have the course working, which is a win!  Since its trigger heavy, for sure!  What is happening now is that I need to report out on the 'cards' that they pick for their top 5...  well I thought I could simply use variables and short answer surveys as I show you in the video.. its not working ;(   I cannot for the life of me figure out why its not working!!!  

Thank you in advance!

Jose Tansengco

Hi Andrea, 

Thanks for sharing your project file! 

I tried checking the behavior on my end, but I was unable to move any cards in Slide 1.2 into the boxes at the bottom. The interaction was stuck in this state for me. 

Since you were able to correctly test the behavior, would you mind sharing the steps on how we can properly observe the behavior so we can check why none of the interactions are being reported to the LMS? 

I also noticed that Slide 1.2 did not have any 'Submit interaction' triggers. This means that users responses will not be recorded for saving and submitting to the LMS. Please try adding this trigger to your slide and see if it helps address the behavior.