Looking for feedback on my first e Learning module

Feb 22, 2016


I have created my first e learning module and it would really help if i can get a feedback for the same. Since its my first module i wanted to know where i am going wrong and where i can improve.

Any kind of feedback will help. PFA.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Vivek

here are my comments - hope you accept them as constructive feedback:

  1. Scene called Intro and Learning Objectives but there are no learning objectives.
  2. You don’t tell me how long the elearning will take or how to get help.
  3. Use of custom and built in navigation – pick one
  4. Inconsistent instructions – Press Next to continue on intro slide
    Fire Hazards intro – Click next to continue
  5. Human Negligence slide – two audio clips playing over the top of each other
  6. Check your knowledge 2 – should that be Welding not wielding?
  7. Audio quality and volume is different – this happens with non professional voiceover artists – If possible record all narration for the whole module in one session.
  8. Inconsistent use of Prev/Next – some slides have it some slides have one or the other. Make consistent – change their state to disabled if you want user to read/do something on screen but have them visible in the player.
  9. Instruction to click next gets lost in the content and the position of the logo
  10. Positioning of the logo changes from slide to slide eg. Class B, Class C, Class D. Suggest placing the logo on the master slide so that it maintains it’s position
  11. Positioning of the female character moves slightly up from slide Evacuate to Fire evacuation
  12. I can click anywhere in the menu and skip ahead – do you want users to be able to do that?
  13. Check your knowledge – crawling question – remove the ‘shuffle answers’ so that All of these is at the bottom of the list
  14. Watch the length of the timelines – the user will see the seekbar run the length of the timeline – manage the timeline to stop when all assets on screen or media has completed so they are not sitting and waiting for something that isn’t going to happen.
  15. Class C fire quiz question – watch for the capital letters at beginning of the responses eg. wood
  16. Remove the variable ‘Attempts’ from the result slide

Good job for your first elearning module!

vivek sinha

A big Thank You once again Wendy.

I would make all the above mentioned changes. I will make the voice over changes to make it work for now and use your advice for the next module. 

I would also like to know that how was the overall experience? What are areas where i can improve? Was there too much of content? Did the opening scene worked? Was the module interactive? Shall i include more assessments? Did i use the characters properly?

Sorry, i am asking so many questions but i hope you will understand. 

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