Looking for help with editing color schemes in quiz slides

Hello everyone,

I've been running into a snag when adding quiz slides, specifically with the Matching Drag and Drop/Drop Down slides.

What I'm seeing is that when the slide is previewed/published, the color that is used for the "hovered" state is set to a sort of Surf Green. I'd like to be able to change that state to match the color scheme of the rest of my project but it doesn't look like there is a spot to change the state of the drop down.

I've looked into editing the Slide Master, but there is nothing in there that shows me the drop downs, just the blank slide. I've tried to fix this a few times before with no luck and I feel like I've tried just about everything I can think of.

Has anyone run into this issue and/or know of a fix? Thanks for your help!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jimmy,

That would be controlled by your theme colors, and here is a tutorial on how to change them and the elements you're looking for:

  • The Text/Background items are designed to help make text easily readable when applied to shapes. For example, text that you format with the darker shades is designed to be readable when placed within lighter-colored shapes.
  • The series of Accent colors are the preset color choices you'll see on the Format tab when you choose an object's fill color or outline color.
  • Accent 1 is the default fill color for shapes, captions, the checkmark on checkbox buttons styles 1 & 2, and the dot on radio button styles 1 & 2.  (Learn more about buttons here.)
  • Hyperlink is the color used for text to which you apply hyperlinks.
  • Control 1 is the hover color for buttons, and the hover color on answer choices for quiz questions.
  • Custom 1 is the default fill color for buttons.
  • Custom 2 is the default color for the checkmark on checkbox buttons styles 3 & 4, and the dot on radio button styles 3 & 4.