Looking for LMS. Reviews on ILIAS

Jan 26, 2018

I am starting a new discussion about LMS platforms as I am just starting research and many of the discussions are quite old. Does anyone use ILIAS, and if so, how well does it do with SCORM compliant uploads?

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Knut Jackowski

It's been two years since I used ILIAS, but even at that time it was one of the best Open Source LMS in regards to SCORM usage. It was one of the first to finally implement SCORM 2004 compatibility (many others did not even try, as 1.2 was such a success).

One of the nice features, that are part of the design of ILIAS is that it is not only Free (both as in beer and as in speech), but also quite easy to set up on nearly every server, so you can test the current version for yourself.

Also the developer community maintains good contact to the users, so talking about bugfixing or feature requests is quite easy.

One negative aspect is that it can get slow when there are a lot of concurrent users online and finding and removing the bottlenecks in these cases can be a challenge for the administrators. So if having many concurrent users (for example in the case of exam situations) is a case you might worry about, I would advise to test the needed performance together with your IT.

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